About Diabetes

Diabetes refers to a number of metabolic conditions in which there is a deficiency of the hormone insulin, or the body cannot use the insulin it produces, or both.


Many memorial services include pledging charity in the name of the deceased. Please consider giving to one of the following organizations:

In Memoriam

Diabetes kills approximately four million people each year. It kills quickly or over time; it kills by poisoning the blood or by causing dehydration; it kills by overloading the kidneys or by attacking the heart; it kills by ignoring attempts at glucose control or by overreacting to them; it kills the young and it kills the old; it kills by day and by night, by seizures and by gangrene; it kills the diabetic and the non-diabetic.

At this time of year, when Jews around the world remember family members who have passed on;

At this time of year, when those of us who have diabetes, and those who care about someone with diabetes, lift our feet and raise our voices to find a cure for this condition;

At this time of year, when we consider charity in remembrance of those who have died

This page is intended to remember those who died with, or because of, diabetes, regardless of race or religion.

It is in memory of these people, and because of those living with diabetes, that we must walk, ride, raise funds, and raise awareness.

Please consider supporting this cause by donating to one of the diabetes-related causes listed on the sidebar, or to a diabetes-related charity specified next to the name of any person on the list.