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Forever Knight and its original characters belong to SONY/Tri-Star, as do fictional locations and situations appearing in its scripted, taped, and aired episodes, its licensed novels, and all licensed derivative works, except if otherwise specified. The Forever Knight premise and main characters were created by James D. Parriott and Barney Cohen; the series produced by James D. Parriott and Jon Slan. The fictional character "Liam O'Neal" was created by James Johnston and appears in the second-season Forever Knight episode, "Bad Blood".

The fictional works on the Fiendish Glow site were produced by fans, for fannish enjoyment. No profit is derived from these works, and no infringement of the rights of SONY/Tri-Star, its subsidiaries, or any of the writers, actors, crew, or other staff, is intended.

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During the time these fan factions were active, permission to use The Fiendish Glow could be obtained by contacting either Pen Durrell or Nyx Fixx. During fiction wars, permission to use The Fiendish Glow is automatically granted to writers of "War" posts to the same extent that permission is given for other factions' headquarters to be written about. Generally speaking, permission to use The Fiendish Glow will be limited to fan fiction authors writing in the FORKNI-L/FKFIC-L "War" universe whose works will be archived on this Web site, on the FKFIC-L ftp Site and/or

Permission to use the Glow's indigenous fictional characters may be obtained from those characters' creators.

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