The Role of Online Communities in Diabetes Management

Using social networking to improve self-care and standards of care

Presented by Brenda Faith Bell
at the Trenton Computer Festival, April, 2009

One issue often overlooked in the psychological management of chronic diseases is the large component of patient-directed care -- a component that requires behavioral change, and which is often conducted in social isolation. Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in modern society -- and one of the most isolating. Thousands of people with diabetes are dealing with these issues by joining diabetes-oriented social networks.

The presentation discussed the role of online communities and social networks as part of the informal social and psychological support network that is helping people with diabetes overcome feelings of social isolation and take a more proactive role in the management of their condition.

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Internet-based resources and review articles discussing intervention methods.

While most of these discuss professional-based intervention, certain aspects apply to peer-based communities as well.

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Center for Connected Health a program of Partners Health, an integrated healthcare system (integrating general, specialized, and online care)

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Presentations and White Papers

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News Stories About Social Networking and Health

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The Role of Online Communities in Diabetes Management. August 09, 2011.
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