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Welcome! So you've come here seeking answers about us? Well, take a seat, take a wine glass of Ribena™ and settle in for an informative romp through the world of the FKp...

What's "Forever Knight?"
Forever Knight, or FK, was a Canadian television show about the character Nicholas Knight (as played by Geraint Wyn Davies) and his life in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Knight was an approximately 800-year-old vampire who was trying to repay his guilt-induced debts to society by being a homicide detective while trying to find a cure for his vampirism. The show premiered in 1991, but disappeared from CBS's "Crimetime after Primetime." After an 18 month hiatus it came back in syndication for two seasons, lasting a total of three seasons. (1991-1992, 1994-1995, 1995-1996) The internet fandom has kept it alive since -- writing fan fiction, working with charities, and having such programs as Kickstart the Knight to keep FK alive in the mind of the mainstream society.

What do "FKp" and "FKPagan" mean?
Forever Knight pagans.

Is it one of the online factions?
Yes and no. Unlike the Cousins, Dark Perks, Knighties, etc, etc, etc, we do not fight in the FKFIC war. In War 9 last summer (1998), the faction leader made an appearance during the Raven party and made an announcement/toast, but that was about it to our activity. FKp members have their primary faction besides the FKp that they fight with during the fic wars.

Why was the FKp formed?
Because the population of pagan followers of FK need a safe place to discuss their beliefs. The general fandom of FK is absolutely wonderful, but it is always careful territory when dealing with people's faiths/morals/beliefs. Just as the KoC (Knights of the Cross) were formed for the Christian FKers who wished a more Christian-tuned forum to discuss certain aspects of FK, so do the pagan FKers.

Is the FKp only for pagans?
No. We welcome all faiths with open hearts and open minds; if a FKp member cannot hold to these two tenets, they may be asked to leave, pagan or not. Tolerance is our goal, discimination is our enemy.

How does paganism relate to FK?
Some of the base ideas of FK have pagan roots. The vampire of history is not a creature borne of Christianity, but a myriad of superstitions and possible holdovers from the early polytheistic religions when a powerful being that walked the night was a honoured spirit. It is also a creature corrupted in image by such historical events as the Inquistion.
There are various references to distinctly pagan topics in assorted episodes of FK. "Queen of Harps" handles late Welsh paganism (which was smothered by Roman Xianity long before 1228) and Celtic mysticism. "Dead of Night" is about wraiths, ghosts and poltergeists. "Francesca" touches on reincarnation. "Ashes to Ashes" dicusses a sect of possible Egyptian lore that would have the symbol of the sun, or the symbol of the sun god Ra keeping a vampire at bay like a sanctified cross would. And the character Lucien Lacroix, originally named Lucius, was a Pompeiian general in Caesar's army during the reign of the Roman polytheism.

What is the mission of this FK faction?
It is primarily an e-mail discussion list based (loosely) in the FK universe. The purpose of the list is to be an open-minded and open-herted forum for sharing experiences relating to a (potentially) pagan POV and anything relating to issues of faith, learning, occult, philosophy, beliefs, and to share FK fan fiction written from a pagan standpoint/undertone.  We also are here to educate those who have questions about the re-awakening of the pagan faith, particularly those in online FK fandom.

Does the FKp have a Motto?
Yes: The Children of Ash and Stone.

Is there a logo?
Yes; see symbol at the top of this page, designed by Jan, one of the 2nd-in-commands of the FKp.

Is there an age limitation?
Yes. We ask that members be at least 13 when they join, but we recommend a mature mentality due to the nature of the subject matter discussed on list.

What are the actions that would get a member removed from the FKp?

No one will be removed from the FKp without warning.
There will be only one warning to cease and desist the destructive behaviour.
If this warning is not heeded and the actions continue, the member will be removed, possibly permanently.

Who do I contact if I have a question or a problem?
You have four choices.

How do I subscribe?
We heartily recommend you visit our  official website before joining our small family.
After that send a blank message to  and send an automatic reply to the response message you will recieve.

How do I subscribe to digest?
Should you need to subscribe to the digest mode of the FKp, simply send a blank message to and send an automatic reply to the response you will recieve.

How do I unsubscribe?
The same way you subscribe to the list.  This time, however, you will be sending your blank message to  or

What is acceptable to post to FKp-l?
Discussion topics relating to FK, FK in its pagan aspects, paganism, religion/faith issues and so on. Personal posts are fine, but not encouraged. Pagan FK fic is welcome and highly encouraged.
NOT allowed: spam, completely off-topic subjects, flaming, posts bashing anyone else's opinions or beliefs.
Adult context such as "vulgar" language and sexual innuendo is not completely banned from discussion; we only ask to you to keep it as clean as possible as some of your fellow FKp members may be minors.

What about pagan fiction?
We encourage Forever Knight fan fiction in the pagan perspective, but we have allowed less FK related fic to be posted. If you have a fic that is pagan in perspective but is not related to FK nor vampires, please contact Shana, Jan or Brenda before posting.

What about websites?

FKp symbol is designed and copyrighted to Jan Jones; no duplication or re-use is authorised.  Text written by Shana Nolan and Jan Jones.

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