Course Corrections:
Meeting Minutes of the USS AVENGER

08 December 1996

Call to order:

The Meeting Started 1:55 PM.


Alex Rosenzweig, Chair
Liz Woolf, Sergeant-at-Arms
Brenda Bell
Stefan Dickinson
Kate Filbert (sp?)
Bob Fillmore
Carlos Maldonado
Heidi Maldonado
Geordi Padovan
Darry Washington
Frank Warren
Zach Zulkowski
Daniel (missed the last name -- new Ops member)

Liz Woolf explained the meeting protocol.

Promotions and Commendations

Command Commendations:

For contributions to the AVENGER Holiday Party:
Stephen Buonocore
Donna Urbanavage
Marla Bush
For work on the STAR TREK®: First Contact Opening:
Brenda Bell
Wendy Fillmore
Heidi Maldonado
Ann-Ruth Rosenzweig
Donna Urbanavage
Frank Warren
Liz Woolf
Zach Zulkowski


STARFLEET Elections:
Ballots for the STARFLEET election are due 15 December; the winners will be notified 2 January

Caring coupons:
Ann-Ruth Rosenzweig is coordinating the project for the AVENGER; Liz Woolf is coordinating the project for Region 7

A package of stamps has recently been sent out to the Stampede coordinator.

Region 7 News

Kilometer of Pennies:
Status of project is unknown or in limbo, as coordinator Bob Vosseller has not issued updates on its status.

Holiday Party:
14 December

New Year's Party:
31 December

Positions open:
RDC Engineering (Zach Zulkowski has an application in for consideration)
Regional Awards Coordinator (Liz Woolf has an application in for consideration)

UFPI News:

There is currently a referendum in process regarding UFPI's incorporation status and basic structure

Sector 007 News:
Newsletter License to Chill has just been released.
Sector Chief elections are in process


Holiday Party:
22 AVENGER members and 8 guests attended.

STAR TREK: First Contact premiere:
19 AVENGER members participated; we have gotten 19 new members to-date

Division Reports:
Chief of Communications Liz Woolf sent out a division mailing with Alex's mailing for the AVENGER Holiday party. Another mailing will be going out with the calendar from this meeting Departments include Communications, Xenocommunications, and Cryptography
Deadline for submissions for Containment Rupture (CR) is 15 December. Chief Engineer Geordi Padovan is looking for a page-layout program with which to produce future issues of CR. Zach Zulkowski is in the process of updating the AVENGER Engineering Web site Zach is also working on producing a banner using a shower curtain for its base
Chief of Recreation Heidi Maldonado is in the process of sending out her second newsletter, but all department members are currently busy
No report
No report
Has three new members. Contact to-date has been limited to messages left on answering machines. The division is working on restructuring its departments.

The AVENGER is hoping to her final information regarding UFPI daughter-chapter USS HERA's commissioning as a full chapter of UFPI.

The treasury report was given.

Personnel and Planning:
Second Officer Resumes have been accepted; a decision will be made shortly.

Issue 46 is in production, in expectation of an early January release.
AVENGER News Layout Editor: One resume has been submitted.
AVENGER News Managing Editor: No resumes have been submitted.

Recruitment flyers:
New text was composed for the special STAR TREK®: First Contact flyer will be moved into the AVENGER's revised general STARFLEET recruiting flyer.

A special Senior Command Staff meeting was held to address the problems of member apathy, and insufficient communication. Ideas will be forthcoming.


December 1996:

Region 7 Holiday Party in Bloomfield, NJ
Philadelphia Science Fiction expo at the Adam's Mark hotel
Region 7 New Year's Party; this year the theme is Medieval/Renaissance

January 1997:

AVENGER meeting

Alex called for ideas for activities. Liz asked about post-meeting division presentations such as the ones that were given back when the AVENGER was meeting at the Robert Wood Johnson auditorium.

Suggested activities:

Open Forum:

Heidi Maldonado thanked everyone for the computer that several AVENGER members chipped in to give her and Carlos as a wedding gift. She announced that their e-mail address is now

Brenda Bell introduced several pages of follow-up info and post-mortem regarding the STAR TREK®: First Contact opening. Liz Woolf suggested that the document be reviewed and that the discussion be postponed to the January meeting.

Jay DeSarno, a reporter from (missed the paper in question!) interviewed the group for a feature he's working on.

Liz Woolf suggested moving the monthly Stitch-n-Bitch from the second Friday of the month to the fourth Friday.

Prepared 12 January 1997 by CPT Brenda F. Bell