FORKNI-L and IRC EFNET#foreverknight



NOTE: This flyer will serve as a means of identifying members of the FORKNI-L mailing list and EFNET:#foreverknight IRC channel at Syndi-Con until such period of time as buttons can be distributed.

Friday 5-9-97

Everyone should meet in the main lobby of the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn. The time of this meeting is tentatively scheduled for 6:00 PM.

There will be a costume pageant, but we are unsure what time it will start.

We will trade room information and decide as a group what to do about supper -- whether to go as a group after the pageant, or whether to go in two groups, one before, and one after.

We may also want to consider giving out party information, and discuss plans for meeting Saturday and Sunday, at this time.

Advance-ordered FORKNI-L and EFNET:#foreverknight badges will be available from Jennifer Rayburn and Laurie Schlagel. Pre-ordered buttons will be distributed at this time and at our various meetings throughout the weekend. Checks are preferred for the $2 each (or more, if you'd like) contribution to Casey House; cash will do for the materials-and-parts portion of the cost ($1 each).

Those who would like buttons but who did not pre-order them may pick up the artwork at this meeting, or any of our other meetings, and have buttons made by onsite vendors.

Saturday 5-10-97 and Sunday 5-11-97

Con events Saturday and Sunday begin at 9:00AM. We should meet at our respective hotels for breakfast some time between 7:00 AM and 7:30 AM, depending upon the hotel (earlier at the Embassy and Courtyard, later at the Marriott), aiming to meet at the Marriott Hunt Valley's main entrance to the con shortly before 9:00 AM.


Given the difficulty of finding good seats mid-day, we will head directly to the main auditorium and grab seats. We will need to take turns doing our best to guard these seats while the rest of us shop, do panels, and so on. The general idea is that nobody should have to sit through a presentation s/he does not want to see for more than an hour or two, with the possible exception of the con management not allowing seats to be held (usual procedure in the case of severe overcrowding).


Depending upon how the con deals with the autograph issue -- whether it will be done by badge number, preferred day, or whoever-wants-one-get-in-line, we will hold seats in the auditorium for those in autograph lines. If some of the actors are signing both days, it would work best if we let people leaving early Sunday get in Saturday's line, while people who can get autographs on Sunday watch the seats.

IMPORTANT:Note that the autograph lines may be 2-3 hours long, with no saving space for your friends who are doing something else allowed.


We need to decide whether we want to meet for Saturday dinner or not.


During most of the convention, either Brenda Bell or Frank Warren should be reachable by 2m amateur radio or by cell phone; those with amateur radios and cell phones are encouraged to join in to form a communications network. Further information will be disseminated on site. Since the cellphones are not cheap, they should be considered only as a last resort.

Transportation to group events offsite and not within walking distance (such as dinner at a sit-down restaurant) will most likely be a mixture of private and rental cars, and taxicabs. To minimize the number of cabs needed, we are asking people with cars if they will please help transport those who do not.

Room parties are being planned for members of the various online groups. For security reasons, details will be given onsite.

Room Signs

The following room signs are available for FORKNI-L members to download and print:

The following Kickstart the Knight room signs are available for members to download and print:

The basic designs may be adapted for another group by substituting in the appropriate graphic. (Generic Forever Knight graphics may be used as well.) Additional room signs may appear here before the con; please check back regularly.

Please feel free to download, print, and post post these signs, along with any other signs you wish to add, on your room door, with the following stipulations: Scotch (cellophane) tape can ruin the finish on doors and walls. Please use only the friendly stuff that looks like (but is not!) used chewing gum.

IMPORTANT:Please bear in mind that hotel security does not always like room signs, and may tear them down. Do NOT put up anything that you cannot afford to lose. DO bring extras to put up more if some get torn down.


Lisa and Brenda remind everyone to bring their Syndicon registration confirmation receipts and letters to the con; they will be needed in order to pick up your con badges. If you did not receive written confirmation of registration, bring either the canceled check or its stub, or a credit card receipt, to prove that you did in fact preregister for the con. They also remind everyone to bring some form of identification, which may be needed at registration and/or the hotel. (A picture-signature driver's license or non-driver's ID will do.)


Pre-con questions regarding this flyer should be addressed to Lisa Hobbs ( or Brenda Bell (