Connected Medical Devices

Bringing Home Health Care Into the 21st Century

Presented by Brenda Faith Bell
at the ACGNJ Window Pains Meeting, September 16, 2011
Updated for presentation at the Trenton Computer Festival, March 10, 2012

Our doctors and healthcare providers often ask us to keep track of certain information: our weight, our blood pressure, our blood glucose levels, or our responses to medication. When we do this on a regular basis, the amount of data we have to input can be overwhelming. New medical devices connect directly to our computers to download and analyze our medical data, either locally or on the Internet. Similar devices are used for healthcare providers to monitor the health of homebound patients and provide a more humanistic method of healthcare delivery.

We will examine some of these medical devices, look at how they manage data, and discuss both wish lists and obstacles to the adoption and further development of e-medicine.

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These resources are current as of 10 March 2012.



Phillips TeleStation system Available Devices
MedApps Mobile Health Monitoring System and graphic of devicesĀ 
Supported Devices
Clearance Disclaimer

Personal Health Records (PHRs)

Microsoft HealthVault Supported Devices

Communications Protocols

ANT and ANT+


Polar Fitness Support page, F6 Heart Rate Monitor
Polar Personal Trainer
Map My Fitness

Blood Pressure Measurement


Insulin Pumps

Medtronics Products
CareLink: FAQ page
CareLink: Welcome page (requires Internet Explorer)
Animas ezManager software
Diasend (Cloud-Based Management)
Insulet OmniPod
Accu-Chek Spirit


Abbott Freestyle, Precision Extra, Omnium. Co-Pilot software
Accu-Chek Aviva, Compact Plus. Multiple software options
AgaMatrix Wavesense Keynote, Presto, Jazz. Zero-Click software, iOS logging program.
Bayer Breeze 2, Contour, Contour USB. Glucofacts software.
Home Diagnostics (Nipro)"True" and store-brand meters
Lifescan OneTouch meters and software
Sanofi iBGStar meter

Crowdsourced Information

TuAnalyzePublic Diabetes Analysis based on ahared HbA1c readings
Quantified SelfPeople taking control of their health via measurement
Journal of Participatory MedicinePeer-reviewed journal of information from empowered patients
e-Patients White PaperA discussion of how educated, empowered, engaged patients are improving medical outcomes

Regulatory Information

FDA Safety Submission Info

Device Security

Paper on Hacking Insulin Pumps from 2011 Black Hat Conference (may have been removed for security issues)
Slide Deck on Hacking Insulin Pumps from 2011 Black Hat Conference (may have been removed for security issues)
Video demonstrating Pump Hacking at 2011 Hacker Halted Conference
Newspaper article discussing Defibrillator Hacking