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Warning! The Fiendish Glow is not a real location

The Fiendish Glow was created by the Celtic Glow Worms faction and the Tequila Fiends faction of the Penn State Forever Knight mailing lists as our headquarters for Fiction War 9 (May 1998). It is a wholly fictional establishment located on a fictional corner of downtown Toronto in an alternate version of the Forever Knight universe.

The two "faction" links above refer to two different sites that have more information on factions. Most of the faction home pages on will also have links to the various factions.

Information about the Forever Knight Fiction Wars may be found here.

The Fiendish Glow is an archived site. A number of links were updated when the site was copied over from its previous location; however, the site is not being actively maintained.


Celtic bar from Cari's Clip Art page

The Fiendish Glow Web Site is Copyright ©1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2011 Brenda Bell and the Celtic Glow Worms. The Fiendish Glow is a fictional location.