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Fiendish Glow logo/sign by Brenda Bell

A comfortable, friendly pub and cantina right in the heart of FKFIC-tional Toronto. You will find authentic cuisine, fine beverages, imported liquors, live entertainment, and friendly service.

Enjoy your meal in comfort. Our special ventilation allows us to provide an atmosphere that is almost allergen-free while still providing accommodations for those who wish to smoke tobacco with their meals.

Our convenient Metro entrance is open whenever we are, making us easily accessible to the sun-sensitive.

Located in an alternative vampire universe in which we are all aware of Forever Knight Toronto's large undead population, the underground (Metro) entrance and pub, and garlic-free menu, help us fulfill our charter requirement of "vampire friendliness". We maintain separate storage and preparation facilities for the donated and medically-rejected blood that this universe's vampires need to sustain themselves.

If you are planning to visit the FKFIC-L War universe in the near future, make it a point to stop in and sample our wares. You won't be disappointed.


Your hosts,

Pen Durrell, leader, Celtic Glow Worms; Tequila Fiend
MacCousin Heather, Co-Leader, Writer, Web Mistress, Celtic Glow Worms
Nyx Fixx, War 9 Leader, Tequila Fiends; Celtic Glow Worm
Brenda Bell, Fiendish Glow Web Mistress; Writer, Celtic Glow Worms
TheLadyT, Writer, Celtic Glow Worms

and the rest of the

FORKNI-L Tequila Fiends and Celtic Glow Worms


Karaoke night every Thursday. Professional entertainment weekend evenings and special events. (Return)

Celtic bar from Cari's Clip Art page http://www.aon-celtic.com/cfreewareclipart.html

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