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KaraokeTM Selections

Our Celtic KaraokeTM selections are Forever Knight filks to traditional Celtic airs.

Filks are universe-specific alternative lyrics to existing songs;
they may tell a story in a fictional universe,
or they may be sung by a character in that universe.

Tunesmiths and lyricists are credited wherever we can figure out who they are;
no infringement of copyright material is intended.



An Charlie is My Darlin'
Lyrics by Robert Burns

Nunkies is My Darling
by Heather Poinsett

Scottish Soldier
Green Hills of Tyrol

Reluctant Vampire
by Brenda F. Bell

Blue Bells of Scotland

Spanish Vampire
by Brenda F. Bell

Lambs on the Green Hills

Dark Seduction
by Brenda F. Bell

Londonderry Air
O, Danny Boy!

O, Bonnie Lass!
by Brenda F. Bell

The Wild Rover

Screed's Wild Rover
by Brenda F. Bell

The Orange and the Green
The Wearin' o' the Green

The Valley of the Kings
by Brenda F. Bell

The Ash Grove

Down Yonder Dark Alleys
by Brenda F. Bell

Rambling Rover
by Andy M. Stewart

Vamping Rover
by Brenda F. Bell

Flower of Scotland

O, Blond Crusader!
by Brenda F. Bell

The Road to Dundee

The Quest
by Brenda F. Bell

Granny's Hielan' Hame

Shadow of the Raven
by Brenda F. Bell

Celtic bar from Cari's Clip Art page

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