ACGNJ Presentations

My presentations from 2017 onwards can be found at

These include:

Pervasive Internet and the Push Towards Convergence

Presented April 5, 2019
ACGNJ Main Meeting
Resources Page

Introduction to Cricut and Home Cutting Machines

Presented March 23, 2019
Trenton Computer Festival

Unsanctioned and Imposter Apps

Presented May 18, 2018
ACGNJ "Window Pains" SIG

Personal Cloud Storage

Presented September 15, 2017
ACGNJ "Window Pains" SIG

Fitness Training Systems: Tracking and Measuring Your Performance

Presented May 19, 2017
ACGNJ "Window Pains" SIG

Android Nougat: What's New

Presented April 12, 2017
ACGNJ Mobile Devices SIG

Microsoft Office Application Environments: Cloud, Desktop, In-House Server, Mobile

Presented May 20, 2016
ACGNJ "Window Pains" SIG


Older Presentations

Following are links to slide decks and resource listings for various presentations before the Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey (ACGNJ):

The Evolution of POS Systems

Presented February 22, 2016
"Window Pains" SIG (now called "Tech Talk")


Migrating to iOS9

Presented October 13, 2015
Mobile Devices SIG


Mobile Office Suites: Overview and Comparisons

Availability, cost, size

Presented August 12, 2015
Mobile Devices SIG


Mobile Wallets: Using Your Smartphone for Brick-and-Mortar Payment

An updated and enhanced version of the August 2014 presentation

Presented May 1, 2015
ACGNJ Main Meeting


Windows 8.1 Mobile: "Full" Windows in a Tablet Environment

Presented February 11, 2015
Mobile Devices SIG


Interop 2014: Mobile Issues in the Network

A mobile-specific review of issues addressed by vendors at the New York trade show

Presented October 15, 2014
Mobile Devices SIG


Mobile Payments: Commerce Without Cash or Credit Cards

Includes Loyalty/Store Card Apps, Cyber Wallets, Touch/Tap to Pay (Near Field Communication)

Presented August 13, 2014
Mobile Devices SIG


Mobile Medical Devices

Presented March 7, 2014
ACGNJ Main Meeting


Mobile Devices in Retail

An overview of mobile technologies at the 2014 National Retail Federation's "Big Show"

Presented February 12, 2014
Mobile Devices SIG


There's an App for That!

A roundtable discussion of apps and applications for current platforms (Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android, etc.)

Presented February 7, 2014
ACGNJ Main Meeting


Sports on the Internet: Playing, Viewing, and Keeping Score

Presented November 22, 2013 "Window Pains" SIG


Towards a Wearable Medical Record: Social, Legal, and Technological Issues

Presented June 7, 2013
ACGNJ Main Meeting


Making Your Data Plan Pay for Itself

Presented October 10, 2012
Mobile Devices SIG


Electronic Health Records, Personal Health Records, and Health Information

Presented November 18, 2011
"Window Pains" SIG


Special Interest Social Networks

Presented November 4, 2011
ACGNJ Main Meeting


Connected Medical Devices

Presented September 16, 2011
"Window Pains" SIG
Also presented at Trenton Computer Festival March 10, 2012


Text Messaging

Presented February 9, 2011
Mobile Devices SIG


Finding Medical Information on the Internet

Presented April 2, 2004
ACGNJ Main Meeting


Photo Sharing on the Internet

Presented June, 2002